Psychology of Different Types of Roommates

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Here are the Different Types of roommates everybody have.
In order to share our rent we share our room so, we got roommates. There are different types of roommates in every room. Here are some types of roommate’s personalities.

Type 1: The thoughtless roommates
This is the person who leaves their stuff scattered around the room and never cleans or tidies up after themselves. First, remember that he or she is not deliberately trying to annoy you. However, you need to discuss this or nothing will change. When you do that, don’t come across as being angry and accusatory. Instead, stay casual, warm and friendly. Also, ask if there’s anything you can do to make life easier for them.

Type 2: The Food Stealer
This type of person steals the food of yours and he always search for food in fridge. We’ve all taken food that didn’t belong to us at some point, but the Food Stealer is on an entirely different level. If you ever happen to leave any of your food in a common area like “the fridge,” they’ll immediately eat all of it, and then when you ask them about it, they’ll act like a drug dealer being questioned by the cops about a murder.

Type 3: The “borrower”
This is the person who takes your stuff, and treats your belongings as if they’re also theirs. This can range from something small like a few slices of bread to something more important like your clothes or bike. Clearly, this is NOT OK and needs an open discussion so that everyone is clear as to what the boundaries are. 

Type 4: The silent guy
This type of person is very quiet. This roommate is little more than a ghost in a shell.  You rarely know what they are thinking, because they rarely offer any transparency, despite being a ghost,  let alone some pleasant conversation when you're in the room together. You want to say "speak damn it!" but it would only feel like you were talking to yourself, as it tends to with any other attempt to relate to this person.

Type 5: The ghost roommate
This is the person who is rarely around. They often have a busy life or else they travel with their job. They’re rarely problematic – so be glad that they’re so easy – and enjoy your time together when they happen to be there.

Type 6: The Music listener
The person who always listen the music. This roommate is very enthusiastic about possessing a revolting taste in music.  It's one thing if someone merely likes a type of music, it's that person's every right to enjoy it, but when that cringe-inducing style is forced down your throat in a way that invades your functional headspace, well that just undemocratic, not to mention completely unthoughtful.  If someone insists on blasting rap beats out of a desktop subwoofer, audibly mouthing along, while at the same time preventing your own freedom of expression, you have found an incompatible roommate.

Type 7: The irresponsible flatmate
This individual is unreliable and doesn’t seem to care about the impact of their actions. For example, they break stuff and just leave it, or forget to pay the bills … They never see it as their problem, and they just don’t seem to care. This person needs confronting in a firm, respectful way. And if things stay the same – don’t ever share with them again!

Type 8: Mr. Clean
This type of person always tries to be clean and want everything clean. You need not bother about this type of roommate. But he irritates about if there even any small type of dirtiness.

If you got any other type of roommates just comment in below section we post about them.
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