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Have you ever had a feeling that something happened in your past but you forget about it? Is there any possibility in erasing our old memory and inserting new memory in to our brain? Why I am talking about this is because I recently watched the movie Total Recall, it is all about of memory loss of a hero and hero always got a dream about his past and he wants to know who he was and where he came from. If you didn't watch the movie first watch the movie then read the remaining article and the movie was very interesting.

This movie starts with these lines 

“At the end of the 21st century, global chemical warfare left the planet nearly uninhabitable.”

“Living space is now earth’s most valuable resource.”

“Only two territories remain: The united federation of Britain and The Colony.”

“Workers from the colony travel through the planet each day on the only transport possible: ‘THE FALL’ “

The above lines indicate that the movie is all about futuristic view of the director. The story of the movie is between the two countries and it is a sci-fiction and fantasy movie.

This post is not about the review of the movie it is about psychological view of the movie.

The movie starts with the dream of the hero(Douglas Quaid) in which the Doug and his girl friend were trapped and chased by some intruders. Doug was too afraid in his dream according to dream psychology. If you got a feeling of afraid in your dreams indicates that you are experiencing self-doubt and feelings of incompetence in your waking life. You may be feeling a lack of control. Anger often masquerades as fear, so also consider issues about which you are angry about in your waking life.

The Mind Regeneration: In middle of the film there is scene between the Doug and his friend(Harry). Harry came to regenerate the mind of the Doug to make him believe that he was in a dream and he came to help him to come out from the dream. Here the Harry used the mind regeneration technique to change the Doug’s mind. This technique was superb, according to psychology we can make the people to believe something by regenerating their mind. Off-course he failed regenerate the mind of doug but it works in reality.

I will explain it clearly how it works. One day me and my friend went to a movie and in the starting of the movie mahatma Gandhi photo was shown then my friend get very excited, stand up and clapped. Then I ask him are you a big fan of Mahatma Gandhi? He said “yes, of course”

Then I asked him do you like bill laden then he said “no, not at all”

Then I said “do you know Gandhi and Bill laden are equal”

Then he said “what the hell are you talking?”

Then I explained in this way “both Gandhi and bill laden came from well settled family and grew up showing no signs of becoming what they would become eventually. The roots of their transformation lie in the rejection they faced in their early adult life. If Gandhi was thrown out of a railway compartment in South Africa because he was coloured then Osama was treated with little respect by the country of his birth due to his affiliation with the Afghans that he had because of religious sentiments and the financial support he provided to repel the Soviets. Gandhi faced further rejection and discrimination before he moved to India to take up his movement against the British while Osama was literally thrown out of his own country and then a few other countries as well which led him to become increasingly mad at the western world, namely the USA which he believed was holding the reigns of these nations as puppeteers would do.”

“Mahatma Gandhi wanted the British to leave India and Osama wanted the US to leave the Arab world alone!”

Then after that I didn't see my friend much excited when he sees Mahatma Gandhi photo.

Deleting Old Memory: Coming to the main point of our article is there any chance to remove our old memory and insert the new memory in to our brain?
Recent research into long term memory is opening the door to these possibilities. Experiments done with rats and mice have successfully created memories and then successfully removed those memories through administrations of various drugs at particular times. The exact details of how these experiments work remains to be seen. Further research is separating out the process of memory formation from memory recall, and further differentiating between blocking recall of a memory and actually deleting all traces of a memory. To the degree that scientists can be justified in interpreting the results of these experiments as actually “deleting” the memories these rats and mice have formed, we are getting closer and closer to making this a reality for human beings.

Hence there is possibility to delete old memories from our brain in the future but still there is a question is it possible to insert new memories into our mind. So, according to me total recall is half true and half false. Let’s wait see how our technology changes in our future.

Also share your views on the movie in below comment section.
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