5 Psychological Disorders that you never heard

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Here are the Some Strange and Rare Psychological Disorders. Many people don’t know about these disorders and most of the people have these disorders.

A1. Genital Retraction Syndrome is exactly what the name implies. It’s the irrational belief that the genitals or breasts are physically shrinking, and will disappear inside the person’s body, and will lead to their death.

A2. Foreign Accent Syndrome is usually the result of experiencing a stroke or severe brain injury. It results in the person speaking with a different accent – and one that they haven’t been exposed to personally. For example, an American will speak with a British accent or a Brit may start to sound as if they’re from New York.

A3. Trichotillomania is where the sufferer is overcome by the powerful urge to pull out their own hair. This is includes eyelashes, scalp and facial hair, and even pubic hair. Where the person also consumes the hair, it can lead to something called “Rapunzel Syndrome” (intestinal problems caused by the body’s inability to digest human hair).

A4. Body Integrity Identity Disorder is rare and difficult to comprehend.  It is where the individual is convinced that their life would be significantly better if they were amputees – hence they feel the urge to have a healthy limb removed.  However, this usually leads to a psychiatric diagnosis and not the removal of their limb!

A5. Windigo Psychosis is where the person is fighting a constant craving for human flesh. At the same time, he or she is also afraid that they will become a cannibal.

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