Dangerous Assumptions To Make In A Relationship

Thursday, 25 April 2013 0 comments

Assumptions can be dangerous in a relationship, and they can kill a good relationship quickly if you’re not careful. Here are some of the most damaging assumptions we can make in a relationship:

 · Assuming that they know that you’re sorry. If you are in the wrong but assume that they know you’re sorry, you’re making a dangerous assumption. It’s always best to apologize when you’ve made a mistake and let them know that you feel badly about hurting them. They don’t necessarily know that you feel bad or that you’re sorry and not apologizing can send the message that you don’t care.

· Assuming that they know how you feel. If you love them or care deeply about them, you have to come out and say it from time to time. When you assume they know how you feel, you run the risk of them feeling taken for granted or neglected. Even if you’ve already said it before, you need to keep telling them and not simply assuming that they know that you care about them.

· Assuming they know why you’re mad. If you’re upset about something you should just let them know what it is. Playing games or expecting them to guess is childish and just prolongs the disagreement while they are trying to figure it out. They aren’t a mind reader, so don’t just assume they know why you’re mad.

· Assuming they know how you want them to change. If you’re unhappy about something in the relationship and want them to change, you need to tell them and be specific about what changes you want them to make. Assuming that they just know is dangerous because they may have no idea at all and you’ll be left thinking that they don’t care enough to give you what you want. It’s confusing for everyone and can leave both parties feeling unhappy.

· Assuming that you both want the same type of relationship. Just because you’re looking for a serious commitment, it doesn’t mean that they are, and visa versa. You should always talk to your partner about what you both want out of the relationship. This way you’ll avoid one person investing too much and expecting way more than the other one is willing to give.

· Assuming that you’re exclusive. If you don’t want them to date other people you should have a conversation about it. Yes, it can be a tough talk to have, but it’s easier than assuming that you’re exclusive and finding out that they’re also dating someone else.

· Assuming that they’ll stay happy once you’re together. Once you’ve landed your boyfriend/girlfriend you can’t just assume that your work is done. A relationship needs constant work and you need to continue to make an effort and show them that you care.

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