Study a Person Using His/her Communication Style

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Identify a Person character using his/her communication style
What Their Communication Style Means

Does your boyfriend/girlfriend prefer talking face to face or are they always texting you? Why don’t they ever just pick up the phone and call you? Here are some clues into what their communication style reveals about them:

A1: Talking face to face. If they prefer to talk face-to-face rather than over the phone or online if means that they are a visual person. They like to communicate through their body language and like to be able to see yours too. They watch your facial expressions to sense how you’re feeling about the conversation. They aren’t as comfortable in situations where they can’t see you, make eye contact, touch you and use other visual cues to interpret your feelings and convey theirs.

A2: Email. If you get a lot of emails from your partner then chances are they are the type of person who likes to organize their thoughts in front of them before communicating. They like to think before they act and make sure that they’ve said everything that they want to communicate. Email allows them to compose their thoughts and organize them in a way that makes sense before sending them to you. They are more methodical in their communication style and don’t do as well in situations where they need to think and communicate on their feet.

A4: Phone. If your boyfriend/girlfriend calls you often and likes having conversations over the phone it means that they like being able to use tone of voice as a tool to help them communicate. Written forms of communication are tricky for them because they can’t hear your tone and things often get misconstrued. They like to avoid conflicts that can arise when someone takes a text or email the wrong way because they couldn’t hear the tone of voice. They also prefer longer talks than you might have via text. They want to talk with you and hear more than just quick details.

A5: Texts/Messaging. If this is their preferred communication method it means that they like to be in touch often, in shorter bursts. Rather than having one long phone call each day they’d rather stay in touch with you throughout the day. They prefer quick, fragmented conversations that mirror the fleeting thoughts and ideas they have throughout the day. It means that you’re on their mind often if they are always sending you little messages. They may lose interest in longer conversations and thrive when things are kept brief and to the point.

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