Signs that Someone may be a Potential Abuser?

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Signs that Someone may be a Potential Abuser?

1. Do they try to keep you from being with your friends or family, or say negative things about them? Do they get jealous if you want to spend time with family or friends?

2. Do they want to control your relationship with them, or their relationships with other people?

3. Do the things they say put people down, or make them feel bad about themselves?

4. Are they overly romantic? Do they shower you with too much, or too constant, attention? Do they want to get close, and move the relationship forwards, too quickly?

5. Are they overly charming, especially after they meet people for the first time? Do they act differently in public than they do in private?

6. Do they talk negatively about previous partners; do they call them unstable or crazy?

7. Do they mainly talk about themselves, and don’t really show much empathy for, or interest in, things that matter to you?

8. Do they insist that you tell them everything about your private life, including how you spend your money? Do they tell you what to wear, or what not to wear?

9. Do they “blow hot and cold”? Does the relationship feel like a roller coaster ride?

10. Do they refuse to respect your boundaries, or to take “no” for an answer?

11. Are they, or have they been, physically or verbally aggressive with others? Are they rude to people who serve them (like waiters or hotel staff)?

12.  Do they try to make you feel bad about yourself? Do they put you down, or humiliate you in public?

13. After an angry outburst, do they act as if nothing happened? Do they accuse you of over-reacting or making stuff up?

14. Have they ever threatened, pushed, shoved, hit, punched or tried to scare you? Do they hit walls or break things when they get angry?

15. Have they ever checked your emails or monitored your online activity (or anyone else’s)?

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