How to Control Stress

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How to Control of Stress

Although we all have to deal with external stressors (like going for interviews or sitting exams) much of our stress is internal stress. For example, how we interpret things – a conversation, comment or even a look – can determine whether something becomes a stressor. Also, negative self-talk, where we focus our attention on putting ourselves down and being self-critical, can often be a major source of stress.

So how can we reduce our level of stress?

1. Learn relaxation techniques: Practicing meditation and good breathing habits can improve your psychological and physical well-being.

2. Set realistic goals: Learning to say no is essential for some people. Assess your schedule and identify tasks or activities that you can or should let go. Don’t automatically volunteer to do something until you’ve considered whether it is feasible and healthy for you to do so.

3. Exercise: You don’t have to train for a marathon, but regular, moderate exercise helps ease tension, improves sleep and self-esteem.

4. Enjoy yourself: Taking the time for a favourite hobby is a great way of connecting with and nurturing your creative self.

5. Visualization: Athletes achieve results by picturing themselves crossing the finish line first. Use the same technique to practice “seeing” yourself succeed in whatever situation is uppermost in your mind.

6. Talk about it: Sharing your troubles with a friend may help you to put things in perspective and to feel that you’re not alone.

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