Different Types of Play Personalities

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Different Types of Play Personalities
What’s your Play Personality?
In this Funny world there are 8 types of play personalities, you may be belong to one of these personalities. Check here what type of play personality are you.
There are 8 types of play personality.

1. The Artist/Creator – This individual is highly creative. He or she loves designing, making or fixing things. Often they love doing arts and crafts, or enjoying decorating, or working with their hands.

2.  The Joker – This individual loves to make people laugh, and is usually a bit of a practical joker.

3. The Kinaesthetic – This individual enjoys using their body. Thus, they may act, dance, swim, play sports, hike etc.

4. The Explorer – This individual loves exploring new places, meeting new people, developing new interests or areas of study, and seeking out new experiences.

5. The Competitor – This individual is highly competitive. They love keeping scores, and they love to win!

6. The Director – This individual gets a boost from organizing and planning fun events – from days out to parties and celebrations.

7. The Collector – This individual adores collecting things – from objects o friendships to experiences.

8. The Storyteller – This individual has a wonderful imagination. They know how to capture an audience’s ear, or to keep them absorbed in their story telling, acting, visual presentation or creative performance.

[1] Brown, S. (2009). Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul. Penguin: New York.

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