12 Best ways to Increase our Throughput

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How to Increase Our ThroughPut.
Top ways to Increase our Throughput Using Psychology.
Here are the 12 best techniques to increase our productivity which are totally tested and implemented.

1. Commit to NOT procrastinating. Ask a friend to keep you accountable.

2. Plan your day in advance. That means you can get up and get started right away instead of frittering or wasting time. (Often writing a “to do list” is a useful idea.)

3. Decide on your priorities, and do the most important things first. 

4. Also, do the hardest task first. Otherwise, they will niggle at you constantly and slowly drain away your energy.

5. Avoid multi-tasking when you’re working on something important.

6. However, it’s good to multitask when we’re doing menial, repetitive and boring tasks.

7. Ditch requests and tasks that are unimportant, and a total waste of your time!

8. Be organised. This includes engaging in advanced planning; knowing what you need for the task; having everything you need close at hand; bundling similar tasks together; and working in a relatively tidy and clutter-free environment.

9. Cut out distractions and avoid time wasters (social media, cell phones, highly social or demanding people etc)

10. Know what your most productive time of day is and treat that as a sacrosanct period for working.

11. Get into the habit of shutting off racing, distracting and negative thoughts. This is a crucial form of self-discipline.

12. Break large tasks down into smaller sub-tasks – and set achievable deadlines for these.

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