Study a Person Using Shape of his/her EyeBrows

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Shape of the eyebrows reveals lots about our personality
There is no doubt that well shaped eyebrows help to frame the face – but did His/her know that the shape of His/herr eyebrows can also say a lot about His/herr personality?
Here is some styles in the eyebrows of people.


 Style: Thin, well-groomed eyebrow with exaggerated length.
What they say:
His/her is professional, organized and authoritative.


 Style:  Eyebrows of medium thickness, shaped to follow the curvature of the brow while attaining a smooth, but rounded brow arch.
What they say:  His/her is glamorous, charming and feminine.


 Style:  Sharp arches in the centre of eyebrows with medium thickness.
What they say:  His/her is confident, sexy and a little mischievous.


 Style:  Thick full-bodied eyebrow following the natural curve of the brow.
What they say:  His/her is free-spirited, earthy and warm.


 Style:  Well-groomed, thin and highly-styled eyebrow following the natural brow pattern and, sometimes, a studded bar at the end of the brow.
What they say:  His/her is self expressive, empathetic and a gogetter.


 Style:  Thin and arched or long and thick, eyebrows are styled according to the shape of a woman’s eyes and face; therefore, many varying styles are common.
What they say:  His/her is passionate, in tune with His/herself and confident.

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