Study a Person Character Using His/her Friends

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Study a Person Character Using His/her Friends
Our friends reveals lot about our personality it means our choice of making friends related to our personality.

People make friends with different people. Both with those who share the same interests with them and with those who hold the different opinions with them. It's usually the case that if one has more friends with different ideas, he or she is very likely to be very open-minded and outgoing. Instead, if one tends to make friends with those share the same ideas and interests, he or she is nine out of ten to be an introverted person.

Although there are always some special cases, we still can judge one's personality and character by knowing his or her "Friend-making" stratagy. Several examples around my life can justify this shortcut to know a person is quite useful.

its simple to study a person because if we study his/her friends character it is related to his/her character.
I have been thinking a lot about the friendships I have and have had in the past, and wondering what my friendships say about me as a person.

I have a few friends that have very different views than I do morally and ethically.
I have a few friends who feel that cheating/having an affair on their partner is acceptable. (I do not support this behavior. Especially when I am friends with all parties involved.)
I have friends who believe that lying is acceptable. And I mean constant lies. Which I totally do not understand. What is the point in lying to someone that (a) knows better and (b) is eventually going to learn the truth or already knows the truth?
I just sit back and wonder what their behavior says about me as a person for being friends with them.

I cannot control what other people do and I understand that. But do you ever wonder how you became friends with people like this and what it says about you as a person? Or what others think of you for befriending these types of people?

This means you are able to invite all types of people and always want something new.

"Show me your friends and that will say alot about you"?

Question from a Person: Um, I think people place too much emphasis on cliques and identity. I have friends of all ages, colors, shapes. What does that say about me? Now I must admit I don't spend every minute and every breath and every ounce of energy on them but I really don't "give my all" to anyone and looks have absolutely nothing to do with that. I appreciate your feedback

Additional Details
My sister was the first person to utter that phrase to me. But she had all types of friends. Party friends, raunchy friends, friends with mental problems and or phyiscal illnesses. So what the h -e - double L was she talking about?
Gator girl: I guess my question is why do some people place so much emphasis on being a part of a clique? I mean, sometimes I even notice I do stuff like that, e.g., I love to talk to people who are into health and not eating processe foods

it means if you hang out with a certain group of friends your characterizing yourself like those people but if you hang out with a bunch of different people then it shows that your accepting to everyone because you don't judge people on how they look or how popular they are.

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