Who listen class well? Back Benchers or Front Benchers?

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Who listen class well? Back Benchers or Front Benchers?

In every college, school or university there are two kinds of people in a class they are Back benchers (people who sit at the back benches) and Front benchers (people who sit in the first benches). Many people thought the front benchers listen class well and the students who sit in the back benchers listen low when compared to the front benchers. On these guys a psychologists made a psychological research by examining the more than 500 schools and colleges and they found the answer for who listen class well? Back benchers or front benchers? Surprisingly the answer for this question is both the back benchers and front benchers listen class equally but people who sit in the middle of the class means middle benchers listen class more than the back benchers and the front benchers.

Why this happens?

It is due to if you sit in the front bench you not able to talk other because your lecturer infront of you this makes you stick you to class and make you bored. This makes you to loose concentration. If you sit in the back bench than you don’t bother about your lecturer so you feel free to talk and this over freeness makes you don’t need class. If you sit in the middle bench if had slight chance to talk with others this make you to avoid boring and if didn’t got over freeness in the middle bench. So, by sitting in the middle bench it balance the class and fun. So, the students who sit in middle bench of the class are listen class well.

So, students always sit on the middle bench in the class then you feel that you listening to class very well. 

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