Where Do a Boy looks First when a Girl come Infront of him?

Saturday 14 July 2012 1 comments

Where Do a Boy looks First when a Girl come In front of him?

Generally boys stare at girls. However, girls also stare at boys. but here our topic is where do a boy look first when a girl suddenly come in front of him? 

On this question a research was done by some psychologists by observing more than 1000 boys in their program. After that they finally gathered some information about where do a boy looks first when a girl come in front of him and the answer is it depends on the boy/girls height means they found many answers and they categorized the answers according to their height it is because the change in height of girl/boy there is change in the visual angel of them. But they find something related answer means not fully agreed but to some extent it is correct. the answer is the boy looks first at the eyes of girl when she come in front of him. Maximum of boys looks at the eyes but there is also some other kinds of boy who looks at the hands, ears, lips if boy is decent, if not he looks at b**bs  and some other parts of a girl it depends on the boy mentality.

Naturally Boys are visual people! They are intrigued by what they see. Whereas girls are more drawn by what we here. That does not mean we're not visual as well, but guys are just more stimulated by what's in front of their eyes! That's why a guy will use certain lines when he's interested in you, because he knows we are more prone to respond to what we here. This also explains why it seems they don't want to listen when we're speaking. They just truly aren't the listening type. They see first, listen second! It's not bad, it's just their nature.
The above same Research also done on the people according to their age group and here also they find the same result. That the result is it depends on their height because the change in their height may cause change in the angle of visual view.

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26 July 2012 at 21:34

ya its correct I've done some research about it...

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