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Monday, 30 July 2012 1 comments

A Psychology research says that a person behaviour related to our mobile phone color. There is a link to our character with our color choice. There you are shopping in a mobile phone store. You want a Nokia Lumia 900 and now you are presented with a decision: which color to get. You end up picking one without looking too much into it and happily walk out of the store with your new phone. What you don’t know is that the choice you just made actually reveals a lot about your personality.

“Every time you make a color choice, you’re making a statement about what’s going on in your head, even though most you the time you don’t know it,” said color psychologist Angela Wright. “Around 80 percent of our color choices are sub-conscious.” She spoke to Nokia about this and the company ended up going into depth on the topic based on her judgment of four different colors available in the Lumia line of smartphones: cyan, white, fuchsia and black.

If you chose cyan as your phone color, you are most likely a thinker. You’re generally intellectual and are often a very happy person. You can also be bold and confident. Cyan is very bright and exuberant, which reflects back on that personality.

If you chose white, you’re considered “the sophisticate” — that is, you have standards set for yourself to maintain. White is a clean and refined color and gives the impression that you’re the same way.

If you’re a fuchsia buyer, you have a militant feminism to your personality. While you do have a soft side, you can be aggressive when necessary and even tyrannical. Fushcia is naturally a feminine color, but its distinct darkness gives it that edgy feel.

Lastly, the most popular smartphone color for any device, choosing black means you are a protector. It’s the safe choice. You also could be a bit more technologically inclined by going with the standard black.
There you have it! Leave a comment with the color of your smartphone and let us know if your personality matches your color choice.

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