Intuition: The sixth sense

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Sixth sense is also known as intuition. We use these senses to help us discover and survive the world around us by Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight & Sound.

These senses are the first five senses and are instinctive within us.
The Sixth Sense however, works on a higher level and requires us to raise our awareness to fully access it.

The 6th sense is another name for Intuition, and intuition is not the same as gut feeling. Anyone studying spiritual work knows there is more to us than just our flesh and blood bodies. We also have a personality Personalities that feel, think and emotionally react and respond.

We may be able to touch and see our physical bodies but we can't see thoughts or feelings; we can't hold them in the same way we can hold someone's arm or hug them.  However, we know that despite not being able to physically touch or see them, personality traits exist.  

But there is still more to us than just our physical bodies and our personalities 
there is our Soul, and beyond that ..... our Spirit.

Many people have a hard job getting their head around the idea that we have a soul.  Many are aware of something driving them from within but not sure exactly what that is.
That driving force is our soul or higher self trying to guide our personalities to move in the direction  we are supposed to be going in.

Have you ever wondered why it is for some that everything they turn their hand to, turns to gold while for others, no matter how hard they try, something seems to get in the way, like obstacles preventing them from succeeding.

There may be reasons why this happens.  In simplistic terms, when we’re walking in step with the universe all is well, but when we’re out of step, its like trying to walk against the tide.  We will eventually run out of energy.

Everyone wants life to work for them, no-one wants to battle in order to survive. So it is beneficial for all of us to walk in time with the universe.

The way forward then, is to align ourselves with our intuition and the desires of our higher self.  Our higher self wants us to get it right.  What stops us from moving forward are our own personalities insisting on moving in directions, and staying in situations with people, that are not right or healthy for us.

Our higher self doesn't want us working in jobs that conflict with the true nature of who we are or becoming emotionally exhausted trying to make relationships work that are not meant to be.

If we paid attention to our intuition we would know deep down that it may be time to change jobs or move on from relationships that do not work.

The ancient teachings of Qabalah mapped out on the Tree of Life help us become more aware of who we are and what we want, and to make that connection with our higher self,  our intuition (6th sense).

This way we can free ourselves from self-imposed bondage and negative attitudes, and start to: Live the Life that is Right for You

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